Cognitive Behavioural Therapy London, Bristol, Online. Psychotherapist.

What is cognitive behavioural psychology?

Cognitive behavioural therapies are a combination of cognitive therapy and behaviour therapy.

Why Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ?

Because Cognitive behavioural psychology has shown wide efficacy in the treatment of many difficulties such as Phobia, Anxiety Disorders, Addictions … and therefore has been chosen as a therapy of choice in many treatments and is currently widely used.

How the Therapy works?

With cognitive behavioural therapy: the therapist aims to make a functional analysis of the person based on their thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Taking into account the environment and inheritance, both genetic and social, in which the problem develops. The psychological techniques that are usually used are combinations of cognitive restructuring techniques, relaxation training, coping technique and exposure technique strategies, applied to the difficulties that the person has.

The work is carried out with the association of personal and unique meaning relationships that each person makes, between the interaction of the stimuli, the cognitive schemes that the person has, the emotions that arise, the bodily sensations, and the behaviours or responses that result, whether physical or mental. Any change that takes place in this relation of the meaning of the cognitive schemes will have an effect on the modification of the rest of the elements that make up the system described above. This way each person can give a unique and personal significance to their experience, the others, the world, and themselves.

Given my training and specialisation in addictions, I decided to carry out this training in Health Psychotherapy. During this Masters Degree, I have learned many techniques and tools that I apply to the person at the moment of the therapy.