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Holistic therapy is a combination of therapies offered by Belén Plaza Higueras.

Are you looking for a way to improve your mental/psychological health?

Are you looking to have more energy, feel positive and improve your quality of life?

Do you have any psychological difficulties, anxiety, depression, addictions, difficulties in your relationships or in your work, are you obsessed by things or do not know how to let go of a problematic behaviour pattern?

Welcome to psychological consultant Belén Plaza Higueras

Therapy Stories:
“During my stay in the UK, I was doing therapy with Belén over one year and never before had I tried therapy. These professionals have devoted years of their life to studying, so as to help us when we were lost, and I was feeling lost.
When I started to see her I was aware that I was inside a negative spiral, that I was not able to exit myself and in reality needed help. I felt the necessity to save, help and rescue from darkness people who did not want to be helped. As a result I was dragged into their holes of darkness. The attitude of these people generated in me sadness, frustration and pain, but I was incapable of removing these from my life. Thanks to the therapy with Belén, I started to love including my inner self, to be number one on my list, and that only me that could surround myself with emotionally sound people when I had also recovered my sanity.
Now I do not want to be surrounded anymore by toxic people who steal my energy, including those people from my own blood. I started to say no, to let go, not to return to old ways and nor let those who humiliated me or treated me badly. Thanks to this year of therapy, I have stopped crying and suffering because of others. Now I am without limits, feeling that the world belongs to me, and because of this I am going to run after it, and for the record I am going to fill my passport with stamps”.
Thank you very much Belén, I love you
M.J (Bristol)
How can psychological therapy help you?

If you are aware that you have a negative mental state or process, and if it is persistent, or if you feel stressed, have a low level of liveliness, difficulties in your relationships, traumas, anxiety or depression.

Psychological therapy can help you with these feelings, to resolve and change your behaviour patters which could contribute to your symptoms. Also could help with a variety of difficulties arising as a result of anxiety, difficulties in sleeping, relationships and trauma.

Belén is a psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society, with experience in psychological treatments for people with mental health, interpersonal or professional difficulties. She is committed to helping her clients/patients to recover their psychological health in a safe and secure environment.
She has her practice in Bristol, London and online. She has worked with both children and adults. She has spent two years in an Addiction Behaviour Unit in Spain, collaborating with other psychologists and psychiatrists. She has collaborated as a Neuropsychologist researcher in the University of Valencia, Spain, assessing children; and in the Children’s Hospital of St. Fe, as part of the INMA project. She has worked with adults with addictive behaviours in Spain. She has collaborated in India in day Hospitals, community and day centres, such as hospices doing Dance Movement Psychotherapy with people with mental health problems. She has done her placement in the NHS, in London at the Park Royal Mental Health Hospital, with patients with acute mental health problems through Dance Movement Psychotherapy.
Belén has a Degree in Psychology; a Diploma in Advanced Studies (part of PhD) in addiction behaviour (Bio-Psycho-Social Orientation); Master in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Certificate in Intervention in families at risk and children with antisocial behaviour, (Systemic orientation); Diploma in Integrative Bodywork (Gestalt Orientation); Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy in India (Cognitive Behavioural Orientation); She is now completing her Masters degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (Psychodynamic Orientation). She does other therapies such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), recommended by the NHS and other countries’ health services; Mindfulness and EFT, amongst other therapies.
She can help especially with difficulties concerning stress, anxiety, traumas, difficulties with your relationships, fear about difficulties with your life, obsessions or with your partners.

My name is Belén Plaza Higueras, I am Psychologist.

I consider myself a person deeply committed to society through therapy, which I use to help others or those to come to me for help. I have learnt to expand my knowledge and continue to do so with everyone in my sessions with clients. I feel it an honour and a pleasure through my work as a therapist/psychologist to have helped each and everyone of these clients.

My specialisations:
  • Degree in Psychology.
  • Post-graduate: Certificate in Intervention in families at risk and children with antisocial behaviour, Social Psychology. (Systemic orientation).
  • Master degree (PhD candidate): Advanced Studies and Research Proficiency, Psychology. (Bio-psycho-social orientation).
  • Post-graduate: Higher Diploma in Research Methodology in Health Sciences (DSMICS), Epidemiology
  • Master of Clinical Psychology and health, Clinical Psychology. (Cognitive Behavioural).
  • Post-graduate: Diploma in Integrative Bodywork., holistic Psychology. (Gestalt orientation).
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR I and II level.
  • Post-graduate: Diploma in Dance Therapy, Dance therapy. (India).
  • EFT.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Master’s degree, Dance Movement Psychotherapy (3rd year). University of Barcelona. (Psychodynamic orientation).

The Dance Movement Therapy