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Holistic therapy is a combination of therapies offered by Belén Plaza Higueras.

Are you looking for a way to improve your mental/psychological health?

Are you looking to have more energy, feel positive and improve your quality of life?

Do you have any psychological difficulties, anxiety, depression, addictions, difficulties in your relationships or in your work, are you obsessed by things or do not know how to let go of a problematic behaviour pattern?

Welcome to psychological consultant Belén Plaza Higueras

“During my stay in the UK, I was doing therapy with Belén over one year and never before had I tried therapy. These professionals have devoted years of their life to studying, so as to help us when we were lost, and I was feeling lost.

When I started to see her I was aware that I was inside a negative spiral, that I was not able to exit myself and in reality needed help. I felt the necessity to save, help and rescue from darkness people who did not want to be helped. As a result I was dragged into their holes of darkness. The attitude of these people generated in me sadness, frustration and pain, but I was incapable of removing these from my life. Thanks to the therapy with Belén, I started to love including my inner self, to be number one on my list, and that only me that could surround myself with emotionally sound people when I had also recovered my sanity.

Now I do not want to be surrounded anymore by toxic people who steal my energy, including those people from my own blood. I started to say no, to let go, not to return to old ways and nor let those who humiliated me or treated me badly. Thanks to this year of therapy, I have stopped crying and suffering because of others. Now I am without limits, feeling that the world belongs to me, and because of this I am going to run after it, and for the record I am going to fill my passport with stamps”.

Thank you very much Belén, I love you

M.J (Bristol)

“I cannot recommend Belen enough. I had tried counselling before and thought it wasn’t working for me. Belen helped me to relax and uncover the layers and layers covering my trauma. I went to see Belen when I felt I couldn’t cope anymore. I needed someone trained to talk to and who would listen. Belen was thoughtful and helped me gain an understanding of my habits and patterns. She helped me get a new set of tools to manage my stress and memories. As a result I felt more in control and confident.”

“Belén is a kind, compassionate and skilled therapist. She helped me through a very tough transition in my life and helped me release trauma that had been with me since childhood. I found EMDR a very powerful way of processing trauma and desensitising from it’s effects. Belén gave me Bach flowers and homeopathy as well and used other techniques as EFT and suggestion during the session which I found a holistic, complete treatment that felt like it shifted things on a deep level.
Now I feel happier, calmer and freer in a way that I never have. Thank you Belén.”
I. (Bristol)
“Belen helped me coping with a new job environment which end up been toxic, helping me to make a drastic change in my professional life. Now I feel much more at ease as I found that works for me.”
How can psychotherapy help you?

If you are aware that you have a negative mental state or process, and if it is persistent, or if you feel stressed, have a low level of liveliness, difficulties in your relationships, traumas, anxiety or depression.

Psychological therapy can help you with these feelings, to resolve and change your behaviour patters which could contribute to your symptoms. Also could help with a variety of difficulties arising as a result of anxiety, difficulties in sleeping, relationships and trauma.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique